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About Solution Air LTD

Founded in 2016, to solve the needs of the Mauritian Market, Air Solution has developed into the leading organization specializing in the total cleaning and sanitation of HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) equipment including: With a combined experience of our so years within HVAC industry. Air distribution systems, supply / return / fresh air ductwork, flexible ductwork, air handling units, coils, dampers, air diffusers, grilles, etc. – all products and components related to the HVAC industry.


To provide air duct cleaning solutions and products to meet our customers requirements and objectives by operating the company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders, and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees.


Solution Air Ltd aims to continue its focus on providing our customers with Value, Quality, Integrity and Transparency with our services performed at the highest levels at all times. We will continue supporting strong partnerships with the industry’s key suppliers so we can meet our customer’s needs. Our vision is to create a network of companies that is able to provide service excellence in expertise, solutions and relationships which will remain with our customers for many years into the future.


Driven By Integrity

Being a lean enterprise, Solution Air Ltd is driven by a team of dedicated individuals who are customer focused and committed to technical and service excellence.


Industries We Serve

(Commercial and Industrial):

  • Food and Beverage

  • Transportation

  • Mining

  • Commercial Office Space

  • Power Generation

  • Hospitals and
    Health Clubs

  • Infrastructure

  • Petrochemical Industries

  • Agricultural Industries

  • Data Centres

  • Laboratories

  • Hotels


Air Duct Cleaning

About Air Duct Cleaning.


So, just what is duct cleaning, and why should you be considering it as part of a proactive maintenance program for your commercial space? “Duct Cleaning” refers to the cleaning of heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems, including their associated air ducts and components. HVAC systems that supply air to occupant spaces generally incorporate some form of filtration to remove varying degrees of airborne debris and contaminants from the delivered air.

If It Has Filters, Why Do You Need To Clean It?2

Here’s the thing about many of the filters being used on many of the systems out there: They’re not very good. If you can hold a clean filter up and look right through it, it isn’t stopping most of the fine particles you’re likely concerned about breathing in. In most cases, some debris will eventually accumulate within your HVAC systems, filters or not. Most systems have their filtration located near the blower fan in the air handling unit, although some smaller residential systems have a filter located over a central return air grill instead. In any case, debris builds up over time.

The dust and debris that gets drawn into HVAC ductwork and the air handling unit itself is compounded by moisture (both moisture that’s drawn in from the ambient environment and what is undesirably carried-over from any AC cooling coils and drain pans), as well as a deterioration of internal insulation, gasketing, and metal components. The presence of corrosive chemicals, biological contaminants or other adverse environmental conditions can further serve to affect the hygiene of a building’s HVAC system(s) and contribute to degraded indoor air quality (IAQ).

The bottom line is: For an assortment of reasons, HVAC systems become contaminated over time, leading to potentially compromised IAQ and increased energy consumption. That said, duct cleaning represents only one piece of the indoor environmental management puzzle.

Duct Cleaning: What Should It Include?5

The best way to ensure you get professional service and all the benefits of proper duct cleaning, is to know what professional duct cleaning entails. Armed with the proper information about your system, the current cleanliness and how it should be after cleaning you can ensure you get the best service from your professional duct cleaning contractor.

Duct cleaning should generally include the entire HVAC airconditioning system including equipment such as the air handling units, fans, coils, ducting, flexible ducting, diffusers and grilles should all be included in the professional cleaning and sanitation service.

A professional duct cleaning contractor should inspect and report on the health and condition of the entire system and not just the parts you know are dirty. Partial cleaning of a system, ie: cleaning only the ducts and overlooking the rest of the system means that you don’t get the entire benefits of a cleaner and healthier indoor air environment.

This is what Solution Air LTD can do your air conditioning system, our work speaks for itself!



  • Specialized Air Duct Cleaning Services including Decontamination and Sanitation
  • Odour Control Services
  • Indoor Air Quality Management Services
  • Kitchen Extraction Systems Deep Cleaning Services
  • HVAC&R Services, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Anti-corrosion Treatment to Air Conditioning Equipment and Associated Components
  • HVAC Commissioning
  • HVAC Fault Finding
  • Chilled Water Generators (Chillers)
  • Air Handling Units
  • Rooftop Units
  • Close Control Air-Conditioning
  • Pumps and Motors
  • VRV Systems
  • Ducted Split Systems
  • Room Air Conditioning Systems
  • Building Management Systems and Controls
  • Chilled Water Generators (Chillers)
  • Air Handling Units
  • Rooftop Units
  • Close Control Air-Conditioning
  • Pumps and Motors
  • VRV Systems
  • Ducted Split Systems
  • Room Air Conditioning Systems
  • Building Management Systems and Controls



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